Jungseok International Scholarship

here is another wonderful opportunity to Study in South Korea, The Inha University Jungseok International Scholarship is currently accepting Scholarship applications for undergraduates and Master’s Degree students for the 2023/24 academic section.

More detailed information concerning this scholarship opportunity is in this blog post. Kindle read to the end to avoid missing important information.

Opportunity Detail

Language Requirement: TOEFL

Gender: Male, Female

Level: Bachelor, Master

Number of Opportunity: 25

Eligible Region/Countries: International

Medium of Instruction: English, Korean

Opportunity ID: 69707

Opportunity Description

Inha University is a private research institution in Incheon, South Korea. Syngman Rhee, the first president of South Korea, founded the college, which is renowned for its engineering and physical science research and training.

At Inha University, international students can apply for the Jungseok International Scholarship. Students who meet the requirements can apply for scholarships worth up to 30% of their tuition. In addition to this specific grant, international students may be eligible for other sorts of scholarships.

Brief Details About Jungseok International Scholarship

  • Provided by: Inha University
  • Host Country: South Korea
  • Deadline: Various
  • Duration: Masters: up to the fourth semester,
  • Doctoral: up to the fourth semester, and Integrated: up to the eighth semester
  • Number of Opportunities: 25
  • Type: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Type: Full Entrance & Tuition fee waived
  • Eligible Nations: International

Benefits of The Jungseok International Scholarship

The scholarship is available for four types of students:

  • Type A: Admission and tuition costs are paid in full.
  • Type B: 70% of the entrance and tuition fees.
  • Type C: Admission and tuition expenses are both 50% off.
  • Type D: 30% of the entrance and tuition fees.

Who is Type A, B, C, and D?

  • Type A: A person who has qualified for 70% of Korean language scholarships and a person who satisfies English Language Eligibility one of two ways:
  1. TOPIK level 3 or IBT TOEFL 71 (TOEIC 700, IELTS 5.5) or above.
  2. A person who has qualified to earn 70% of English language scholarships and a person who satisfies Korean Language Eligibility of TOPIK level 3.
  • Type B: A person who has a TOPIK level 5-6 or an IBT TOEFL 92 (TOEIC 820, IELTS 7) or above.
  • Type C: A person who scores less than one of two TOPIK level 4 or IBT TOEFL 78 (TOEIC 740, IELTS 6) or higher.
  • Type D: A person who has a TOPIK level 3 or IBT TOEFL 71 (TOEIC 700, IELTS 5.5) or above.

Eligibility Criteria for Jungseok International Scholarship

Every semester, 25 students are chosen from among those who match the requirements listed below.

  • During the application process, new Ph.D. candidates are suggested by an adviser.
  • Integrated students in their fourth semester who have been nominated by an adviser during the application process.
  • New master students who are suggested by advisers and have fewer than three years of experience at Inha.
  • Incoming master’s students with an undergraduate degree from Inha University and a CGPA of 3.5 or above.
  • If there are more than 25 candidates, the graduate school chooses grantees based on the level of language certificate applicants supplied.
  • If applicants for the Global Vision Scholarship do not get a grant, they are immediately evaluated for the Jungseok International Scholarship.
How to Apply?

Print all of the following documents and send them to the below address:

  • Application Form.
  • CV (Includes your photo, and should be written in English)
  • 3 recent images: 3 cm width x 4 cm height (Length)
  • Official transcript of prior degree
  • Transcript in its entirety
  • Recommendation letter
  • Personal assertion.
  • Study strategy.
  • Balance sheet of a bank
  • Identification (copy of Passport and ID card)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Consent Letter (for degree verification)
  • Certificates of nationality for parents

Where to Submit: International Admissions Team(국제입학팀), Kim Hyun Tae Dream Center(김현태드림센터) Room 502.


For more details about Jungseok International Scholarship at Inha University, kindly refer to Inha University’s official website.


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