EK Brown Trust Bursary

Applications for the Ek Brown of Monaltrie Animal Sanctuary Trust Bursary 2023, which is sponsored by the UP Internal Bursary, are now being accepted by the University of Pretoria.

Stay tuned for an amazing chance to learn about the steps for a successful application process, benefits, and valuable information about the Ek Brown Sanctuary Trust. I’ll be your guide, so read on for more details.

SA citizens from KwaZulu Natal who are enrolled in a degree program in Veterinary Science can apply for the funding opportunity.


About Ek Brown of Monaltrie Trust Bursary – University of Pretoria

The Pretoria campus of Transvaal University College, established in 1908, evolved into the University of Pretoria, a public research university with multiple campuses in South Africa. The university comprises nine faculties and a business school and boasts the second-oldest veterinary school on the continent.

It holds the distinction of having the highest proportion of research output units in the country. It is home to 53 researchers ranked in the top 1% as per the Web of Science Index.


Why should you apply for the Ek Brown of Monaltrie Trust Bursary at the University of Pretoria?

The University of Pretoria prioritizes academic excellence and standards, offering world-class education in picturesque and secure campus settings that allow students to fully enjoy their university experience. It is a research-intensive institution that values diversity and aims to maintain its status as an African university while also gaining global recognition for knowledge production.

The University’s vision is to become a leading research-intensive university in Africa, known for its quality, relevance, and impact on both a local and global scale. Its mission is to achieve recognition and excellence in its core functions of research, teaching and learning, and engagement with society. This is done using quality, relevance, diversity, and sustainability as guiding principles.

The university is guided by values such as the pursuit of knowledge through research, teaching, and learning. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of diversity and differing perspectives in enriching the intellectual discourse.

It also cherishes academic freedom, ethical standards, and social justice, and considers its staff and students its most valuable assets. The University fosters an inquiry-led and evidence-based approach to creating knowledge and encourages academic citizenship, where intellectual abilities are utilized in the interest of the nation and humanity.

Finally, the University recognizes the importance of community service, entrepreneurship, and innovation in generating employment and development in local communities. It aims to produce graduates who appreciate and contribute to these endeavours.

The University places significant importance on academic excellence and standards, providing a world-class education in secure and attractive campus environments that enable students to fully experience university life.

The University of Pretoria is a leading academic institution in South Africa and the African continent, renowned for its academic excellence, innovative research, and commitment to community engagement. The following are several reasons why one should consider studying at the University of Pretoria:

  • Academic Excellence: The University of Pretoria is known for its academic excellence and has a long-standing reputation for providing quality education. The institution offers a wide range of programs across various faculties, including engineering, law, business, health sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
  • World-class facilities: The University of Pretoria provides world-class facilities for its students, including modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities.
  • Supportive Environment: The University of Pretoria is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all its students. It provides academic and personal support services to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.
  • Socially Engaged: The University of Pretoria is committed to making a positive impact on the community through various outreach programs and partnerships. Students are encouraged to get involved in community engagement initiatives to develop their social awareness and responsibility.
  • Career Opportunities: The University of Pretoria has a strong industry partnership and career development centre, which helps students to connect with potential employers and explore career opportunities.

Overall, studying at the University of Pretoria can provide an enriching and rewarding educational experience. This will equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to succeed in their chosen careers.


EK Brown Trust Bursary Details

  • Name of university: University of Pretoria
  • Department: Science
  • Program: Undergraduate & Postgraduate
  • Scholarship: R3000
  • Mode of application: Online
  • Number of awards: No awards were given
  • Eligible countries: SA Citizens from KwaZulu Natal
  • Country of award: South Africa
  • Deadline for submission: Applications are to be submitted before 15th March 2023. 


EK Brown Trust Bursary Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship is open to applicants from South Africa who are interested in pursuing a degree in Veterinary Science, specifically the BVSc (2nd year +++) program.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the first year of study. They must be citizens of KwaZulu Natal province and have a demonstrated interest in Equine Studies with the intention of practising in KZN.
  • Previous recipients of the EK Brown bursary are also eligible to apply.


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EK Brown Trust Bursary Application Requirement

  • All applications and relevant documents are to be submitted via email to: jeanne. goosen[at] up.ac.za.
  • The admission criteria pertain to applicants seeking admission to the University of Pretoria using National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Independent Examination Board (IEB) credentials.
  • No information was given about language requirements.


EK Brown Trust Bursary Document Requirement

Please submit the following supporting documents along with your application:

  • A completed and verified application for UP financial aid
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Your full academic record
  • A motivational letter explaining why you should be considered for this award
  • A declaration of any other funding you may receive during the current financial year and/or any other funding applications you have submitted.


Benefits of applying for the EK Brown Trust Bursary

The study of veterinary science will be supported through scholarships awarded to selected students. The scholarship amount of R30,000 will be given in 2023.


Scholarship Websites:

To get more information about the scholarship opportunity, kindly visit EK Brown Trust Bursary’s official websites to get the latest updates.


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