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Are you an international student that is looking forward to studying in Europe? The BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway is currently accepting applications for the 2023 academic year for international students looking to pursue a master’s program in one of the top European universities. Keep reading for more details.

Opportunity Detail

Language Requirement: Not required

Gender: Male, Female

Level: Master

Eligible Region/Countries: All

Medium of Instruction: English

Opportunity ID: 65058

Funding Type: Fully Funded

Opportunity Description

The BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway accepts applications for the 2023 academic year. The Norwegian Business School offers the BI Presidential scholarship to foreign students who want to enroll in a master’s program at a top university in Europe.

Norwegian Business School has been ranked #4 among Scandinavian business schools thanks to its elite faculty and personnel. The European foreign scholarships are designed specifically for students who thrive in their studies, strive for academic achievement across their subjects, and acquire cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

The university invites students from all over the world and from Norway, which will gradually evolve into a fantastic center for diversity and education. Students’ passion for studying in Europe will ensure that they receive the best education possible and will serve as mentors as they pursue their areas of specialization.

The master’s scholarship will help the students in thriving in the present world, and they shouldn’t neglect the fact that graduates of the Norwegian Business School have more work opportunities worldwide. Norwegian students will receive ten scholarships, while twenty scholarships will be available for students from other nations.

The institution will fully fund the cost of the master’s program’s tuition for two years. The BI Presidential Master’s Scholarship provides international students with a stipend to aid with living expenses while they are studying in Norway. Therefore, you must not miss out on this opportunity if you wish to enjoy free education in Norway.

Benefits of The BI Presidential Scholarship 

  • For two years of the master’s degree, the scholarship will cover all tuition costs for Norwegian students.
  • International students will be given full tuition reimbursement for each semester of the master’s program.
  • A stipend for up to two years’ worth of living expenses will be given to international students.
  • The scholarships will be given out based on merit.
  • Students will learn about European educational establishments.
  • The European scholarship will also provide access to various job prospects.

Eligibility for The BI Presidential Scholarship

  • All overseas students can apply for fully supported scholarships in Norway.
  • A GPA of A category on the ECT scale or its equivalent on the international grading scheme is required for applicants.
  • Those interested in the Civilekonom program at BI must be enrolled in the third year.
  • Students from Norway and other countries may apply for Master of Science programs.
  • For their scholarships to remain in effect, students must maintain 30 ECTs every semester.
  • After each semester, a cumulative GPA of no less than a B.
Selection Criteria
  • BI The goal of the Norwegian Business School is to enroll a multicultural, international student body.
  • They will only examine candidates who have been accepted into a Master of Science program and who have submitted their applications by instructions.
  • Only once the admissions offer has been accepted will scholarship applications be considered.
  • BI ensures the allocation of scholarships among MSc programs BI.
  • The institution maintains the right to prioritize specific master’s programs, diversity and gender distribution, or certain partner schools of BI when awarding scholarships.
  • The ECTS scale will be used to evaluate each candidate. The applicants’ grades with foreign bachelor’s degrees will be translated to the ECTS scale.


  • You may submit more than one scholarship application. However, BI Norwegian Business School will only fund one per candidate.
  • Awarded scholarships are not transferable and are connected to a particular academic program at a recognized institution.
  • Candidates from abroad who meet the requirements for a Lnekassen student loan in Norway (a bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS from a Norwegian educational institution) will be regarded as domestic applicants for the BI Presidential Scholarship and will not be eligible for the stipend for living expenses.
  • Candidates seeking their first master’s degree are given preference. Scholarships are not prioritized for applicants with master’s degrees already under their belts.
How to Apply for The BI Presidential Scholarship:

For the BI Presidential Scholarship 2023 in Norway, students can apply online. To apply for the scholarship, follow the directions provided below:

  • Write a one-page maximum scholarship application letter stating why you deserve the scholarship and how your grades make you eligible for consideration.
  • When applying for admission, submit your whole application with the scholarship letter using the apply now option below.
  • By sending the scholarship application letter to in their third year, students enrolled in BI’s Sivk program can apply.


Apply Now


Kindly visit the Norwegian Business School’s official website to learn more about The BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway.



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