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Afghan and Iranian women who want to start an academic degree or who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree can now apply to the UNITUS women’s scholarships in Italy. This scholarship offer is aimed to encourage and support Afghan and Iranian women to achieve their dreams.

This blog post will offer you all the necessary information you will be needing as regards the application and acquisition of this scholarship award. Please ensure you read to the end.

Opportunity Detail

Language Requirement: Not required

Gender: Female

Level: Bachelor, Master

Eligible Region/Countries: Afghanistan and Iran

Medium of Instruction: English

Opportunity ID: 69965

Funding Type: Partially Funded

Opportunity Description

The University of Tuscia – UNITUS Scholarships for Afghan and Iranian Women Students in Italy for 2023–24 are now accepting applications. The current dangerous and urgent situation in Afghanistan and Iran is the subject of this scholarship program. Scholarships for Afghan and Iranian women have been established in reaction to the severely imperiled exercise of their young female students’ right to an education.

The scholarships awarded by UNITUS for Refugees, the focus of this call, include funds and services intended to benefit Afghan and Iranian women students. This call was primarily intended to welcome and support candidates who were interested in these scholarships and help them enroll successfully in a bachelor’s, single-cycle, or master’s degree program at the University of Tuscia.

Applicants wishing to start or continue their studies at the University of Tuscia are welcome to apply.


Details of the UNITUS Women Scholarships

Application Deadline: Not Specified

Host Organization: University of Tuscia (UNITUS)

Location: Viterbo, Italy

Degree Level: Bachelor’s, Single Cycle, or Master’s Degree

Number of Opportunity: N/A

Scholarships Duration: 12 Months

Funding Type: Partially Funded

Eligible Countries: Afghanistan and Iran

Gender: Female

Language Required: English/Italian

Fields: Various fields

Benefits of the UNITUS Women Scholarships

The University of Tuscia supports initiatives for Afghan or Iranian citizens interested in enrolling at the University by activating three different support measures:

  • Total € 6000 each (€ 500/month) for the enrolment in the academic year 2023-2024 in a bachelor’s degree, single cycle degree (5 or 6 years of length), or master’s degree taught in English or Italian.

For students who use the accommodation within the Lazio Disco structures, the 12 monthly scholarships reduction is applicable for a total amount of € 3600 each (€ 300/month) and a total exemption from the payment of tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024. Please consider an exception for the regional tax and the duty stamp for a total amount of € 156.

  • Single courses total tuition fee exemption.
  • Total tuition fees exemption for the academic year 2023-2024, except for the regional tax and the duty stamp for a total amount of € 156.
  • Assistance for enrolment procedures at the University.
  • Tutoring service.
  • Orientation and welcoming services to enhance inclusion in the University and the social context.

Important Notes:

  • Candidates receiving any other scholarship or funding from public or private institutions should accept only one.
  • No grantee is available for winners before physically arriving in Italy.
  • Applicants who enroll from abroad should prove their date of physical arrival in Italy by the seal on their passport. The University will consider them the beginning of the right to economic benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for UNITUS Women Scholarships

All applicants should meet the following requirements to apply for the UNITUS Scholarships for Afghan and Iranian Women Students:

  • Be a female student.
  • Holding Afghan or Iranian citizenship.
  • Prove a study qualification appropriate for enrolment for the academic year 2023/2024 in a bachelor’s degree program, one cycle master’s degree, or master’s degree.
  • Hold a residence permit for subsidiary protection, political asylum, or any other temporary protections as per Italian migration laws issued after 1st September 2022.
  • Alternatively, applicants should have submitted the first political asylum residence permit application after 1st September 2022.

Selection Procedure

The application selection occurs considering the assessment of the qualifications and the first come, first serve criteria. The University Evaluation Committee which is specifically designated for the awarding of scholarships will evaluate the applications. For further info regarding the selection procedure, please email international@unitus.it.

How to Apply for the UNITUS Women Scholarships?

The UNITUS Scholarship application process is entirely online, and applicants can start applying by entering the link below.


Apply Now


For detailed information about the UNITUS Scholarships for Afghan and Iranian Women Students, please visit the University website or read the Call for Applications.



Please check the University website for updated information. This opportunity is prepared based on the present Call for Applications and University call.


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