Slovakia Government Scholarships

The Slovakia Government is offering a fully funded scholarship to interested students worldwide, this 2023/2024 Slovakia Scholarship is aimed to assist outstanding students to pursue their academic without any financial burden.

Here in this blog are some detailed requirements and step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve this wonderful opportunity. Please ensure you read to the end and follow all the necessary instructions.

Opportunity Detail

Language Requirement: Not required

Gender: Male, Female

Level: Bachelor, Master

Number of Opportunity: 48

Eligible Region/Countries: Various countries

Medium of Instruction: Slovaki

Opportunity ID: 31398

Funding Type: Fully Funded

Duration: 2-5 years

Opportunity Description

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Government of the Slovak Republic annually awards 48 scholarships to students from ODA nations who wish to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in the Slovak Republic.

For each qualified nation, the precise amount of scholarships and subject areas are listed. For both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Afghanistan is eligible for 8 scholarships. (You can look at the list here to find out how many scholarships were given to your nation.) Students who wish to study in Slovakia may submit an application between March 24, 2023, and May 30, 2023.

Details of 2023/2024 Slovakia Government Scholarships:

Application period: 24.03– 30.05.2023

Level of study:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD

Medium of instruction: Slovak

Benefits of The 2023/2024 Slovakia Government Scholarships

For Bachelor and Master:

  • A monthly scholarship of 280 Euros
  • Study commencement stipend of 35 Euros
  • Study completion stipend of 100 Euros
  • Monthly stipend for a public university of 80 Euros
  • Discounts offered by relevant sectors of the ministry of education

For Ph.D.:

  • A monthly scholarship of 330 Euros
  • Study commencement stipend of 35 Euros
  • Study completion stipend of 100 Euros
  • Monthly stipend for a public university 240Euros
  • Discounts offered by relevant sectors of the ministry of education

For language preparation:

  • A monthly scholarship of 280 Euros
  • Study commencement stipend of 35 Euros
  • Monthly stipend for public university 80 Euros

NOTE: If there is a significant change in living standards in Slovakia, the monthly scholarship may be adjusted accordingly.

Fees in Slovakia:

  • Dormitory accommodation: 46-77 Euro/month
  • Meals (8 €/day): 240 €
  • Medical examination: 183/264 Euro
  • Interview related to entrance application procedure: 20-80 Euro
  • Completion of degree work: 33 Euro approximately
  • Dissertation: 50 Euro approx.
  • Translation and authentication of diploma: 33 Euro

Incentive stipend:

  • Students with excellent academic performance will bonus for a GPA of 1.3: 50 Euro per month
  • Ph.D. students passed the exam by the deadline: 170 euros/year

Incentive Stipend:

Students with excellent academic performance shall be paid a 50 Euro/month bonus for a grade point average of 1.3 and Ph.D. students for exams passed by the required deadline: 170Euro/year.

Fields of study for Afghanistan (Bachelor and Master): (For other countries applicants can see the list in the file attached above)

  • Teacher Training and Education Science; 7605
  • Economics and Management; 6213 (except Tourism)
  • Ecological and Environmental Sciences; 1610
  • Biotechnology; 2908
  • Agriculture and Landscape; 4190
  • Wood Science and Technology; 3331
  • Forestry; 4219 (except Forest ecosystem services, Forest Technology)
  • Veterinary Medicine; 4318
  • Healthcare Sciences; 5618 (except Dental Hygiene, Physiological and Clinical Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Radiology Technology, Dental Technique)
  • Public Health; 5607
  • Nursing; 5602
  • Mechanical Engineering; 2381
  • Civil Engineering; 3659
  • Computer Science; 2508
  • Cybernetics; 2647
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering; 2675
  • Chemical Engineering and Technology; 2820
  • Food Sciences; 2940
  • Transport; 3772 (except Transport Services, Postal Services, Logistics)
  • Extraction and Processing of Earth Resources; 2118
  • Architecture and Urbanism; 3507

Who is eligible to apply for The 2023/2024 Slovakia Government Scholarships?

Applicants should fulfill the requirements below in order to apply for Slovakia Government Scholarships:

  • Be from one of an eligible country
  • Be between the age of 18 – 26 years for a bachelor’s and master’s degree and be between the age of 23 – 35 for a Ph.D. degree
Required documents for 2023/2024 Slovakia Government Scholarships:
  • Highest degree diploma and transcript
  • High school completion certificate
  • An acceptance letter can be added by August 31, 2023
  • Birth certificate in English, Slovak, French, Czech or Spanish
  • Recent photograph sized 3.5×4.5cm- full face with no glasses
  • Two recommendation letters from
  • Signed CV and Signed Motivation letter
  • Publications
  • Signed application
  • Passport
How to apply?

Applicants can apply for Slovak Government Scholarships online.


Apply NOW


For more information please visit SlovakAid or the Slovak Ministry of Education Website


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